Official Bob Marley Chrome Theme

bob marley theme chrome browser

The official Bob Marley website has a cool theme for all the major browsers. Its high resolution picture of Bob Marley with a light brown background.

Download: Bob Marley Chrome theme

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Touhou Project Saigyouji Yuyuko Chrome Theme

I’m completely new to Touhou gaming but I recently got a request from a Chrome Theme visitor that I should post his theme and try out playing Touhou. After downloading a free version of the game I have to admit I really enjoy playing it. The game play reminds me of my Dragonball Z games on my old Nintendo. The game itself is light around 2mb to 6mb but the game play makes up for anyone expecting great graphics.

Here’s a theme submitted from one of our readers. The character is called Saigyouji Yuyuko who I think is a ghost princes who has some really great fighting skills in the game.

Install Theme: Saigyouji Yuyuko Chrome Theme

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Write Space Chrome App

I’m easily distracted when it comes to writing. It was easier before when everyone was using DOS and the word processor of day was Word Star. But everyone shifted to Microsoft Office and things got complicated. You had deal with endless options of fonts and other distractions.

I’ve been looking for a word processes ever since that could come close to my old favorite word processes. Finally with Write Space I found a modern equivalent I love with my old Word Star.

Using Write Space you get a clean interface with just a full screen view of your writing space. There are options to change fonts and and line spacing under the editor interface. There’s also a spell checker which works perfectly from my initial writing, but I usually turn if off to limit any distractions.

I’ve been using Write Space for almost a week and I haven’t found any problems with it. In fact I’m completely loving the freedom I get using it. I get a cross platform word processor that works on (Windows, Linux & OSX) or anything that can load a Chrome Browser. In fact I’m using my a Chromium OS as my primary laptop for writing.

Download WriteSpace: Write Space Chrome App

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Adventure Time Chrome Theme

I love Adventure Time, my son actually got me into watching it. Its probably the most interesting cartoons ever made in the past few years that’s made for TV. The characters in this series are just rich with personality. Finn and Jake are just the perfect partnership.

The villains inside Adventure Time are also screaming with originality. The theme above captures all the characters inside the show from the latest season.

Download Theme: Adventure Time Chrome theme

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Cat in the Hat Google Chrome Theme

If you love reading books as a kid, Dr. Suesse is probably in your list of authors. I myself grew up reading “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Lorax“. I also love reading his other titles like “Wacky Wednesday” and ” Horton Hears a Who“.

I haven’t read any author who can match the creativity and originality Dr. Seusse has showed to his reader when makes his books.

download : Cat in the Hat Google Chrome ThemeĀ 

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House Stark

This is to honor my favorite books “A Song of Fire and Ice” which is probably the most popular mini-series HBO has made base on a book. The series still has no ending which makes people speculate when George RR Martin will finished the next book or if he will ever get to finished it.

Season II ended with cool zombie army marching to the wall. It makes people me wonder why they forgot why the wall was there in the first place.

Download: House Stark Theme

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Avengers Google Chrome Theme ( DKNG Studios )

I recently saw a n article from LifeHacker on how to create an Avenger inspired desktop. I was not really interested in the article since I use 90% of my time using Chrome as my home screen. I really love the art work they used which was made by DKNG Studios. The print is for sale for $50 in their website, last time I saw it was sold out.

Download Theme: Avenger Theme

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Avengers Chrome Theme

2012 avengers movie

The Avengers Movie is getting a lot of publicity from new trailers and promotion materials. The movie should be very popular when it hits the theaters next year.

The Avengers is currently the most popular move in the summer of 2012. Breaking all the records in the US and overseas making it the 4th most profitable movie ever made. There are still records to be broken when it comes out in Blu-ray and on demand orders.

Download: Avengers Movie Chrome theme

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Cute Puppy Google Chrome Themes

Its a great theme for any dog lovers out theme, the light blue menu also makes it easy on the eyes. The three themes bellow also have the best images for dog lovers.

Most puppies reach adulthood when they reach 2 1/2 year. Most puppies are separated when they reach 3 months but a lot of pet owners recommend puppies to stay with their moms for at least 3 to 6 months if possible. They also tend to be better mothers when they get more attention from their mothers.

Download Theme: golden retriever puppy theme

Beautiful Yorkshire puppy theme.

Dowload theme: Yorkshire Puppy theme

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Real Steel Movie Google Chrome Theme

Real Steel is a great movie about fighting robots in an arena. Its a scifi movie your kids would really enjoy. There’s even great projects for them to make like Real Steel Paper Robots.

Here’s a great theme created by which has a great steel interface for your Chrome browser.

Download Theme: Real Steel Movie Theme

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